Carter Shappy

The Spiral
Screen print on Dura-Lar, and LED light


I am captivated by the often mundane details of my surroundings: from the jagged cracks in cobblestone roads, the spiraling plastic bags whipping through vacant parking lots, to tangled masses of rope and seaweed swirling in filling tide pools. These commonplace, yet vagarious, discoveries inform the poetic and imaginative translations of such events into my work. Through the language of printmaking, painting and sculpture, I render found objects, whose properties and behaviors have inspired my work, with vibrant color and biomorphic form. I hope to create a space where others might reimagine, or be inspired by, similar moments or things existing in their periphery.


Carter Shappy is a painter, printmaker and sculptor currently living in Portland, Maine, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maine College of Art. He was born in Southern Vermont, but spent most of his childhood to high school years living and working in Burlington while briefly attending the Community College of Vermont.

His work often investigates the tensions between the transcendental and the mundane, and the precious and the worthless. He translates found materials into psychedelically colored river-like masses, often creating abstract, figurative and musical forms constructed of line, shape, color and light. He is interested in creating an art experience where he attempts to evoke a sensation of epiphany, hallucination and otherworldliness, sprouting from otherwise pedestrian objects and moments.