Martha Paynter

Happi Coat
12×16 monotype, 2016.


Growing up in Vermont instilled in me a love for the natural world and its seasons, and a respect for the history of place and things. My environment, both natural and built, is where I begin my artistic exploration and imaginings. When I was ten, my parents returned from a stay in Japan, bringing prints, fans, ceramics, fabric, paper, boxes, and books whose exquisite design and proportion made a lasting impression on me. The Japanese aesthetic/spiritual principles of “Wabi-Sabi” — appreciation of nature, rustic simplicity, impermanence, imperfection, intuition — inspires me.

I take delight in the unpredictability of hand-pulled prints and I try to bring a sense of play to my art making. My prints are produced on a Takach etching press, working with non-toxic materials whenever possible, on fine art, handmade, Japanese, and recycled/repurposed paper, as well as non-traditional print surfaces.


Martha Paynter is a professional graphic designer based in Massachusetts, who discovered her passion for printmaking over 25 years ago.  She currently serves as vice-president of MGNE.