R. Leopoldina Torres

Exterior in Black
Monotype with chine-collé, 2014.


The basis of my work stems from an exploration of landscapes—whether they are physiologic, psychological, social, emotional, or imagined. I have always been curious about the relationships we have with our surroundings. Through my work, I am able to explore how places and spaces affect our identity and our experiences. As a student of archaeology, I was trained to view landscape as a palimpsest of experiences, the canvas in which contains the material record of people and history. It is through this lens in which I approach my work.


R. Leopoldina Torres is a professional fine art photographer and printmaker based in Cambridge, MA. In addition to being elected President of the Monotype Guild of New England in 2015, she is a co-founder of the Cambridge-based Banter Artists Guild and member of the Newburyport Artist Association’s Printmakers. Leopoldina founded Leopoldina Photography in 2004 while residing in San Francisco, CA. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries, museums and print media across the globe. She began her foray into printmaking in 2012 through a workshop with Selma Bromberg as a way to explore different techniques in printing with photographic images. However, she quickly fell in love with the spontaneity and innovation of working with monotype.