MGNE Members’ Juried Exhibition at Rhode Island Watercolor Society: May 11–June 21, 2019


Open to  all artists working in the monotype and monoprint medium to submit up to THREE monotypes or monoprints.


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Call For Entries Deadline: March 15, 2019.

Image Credit: Rhode Island Watercolor Society.


MGNE Members’ Juried Exhibition at Rhode Island Watercolor Society

May 11 – June 21, 2019

The Rhode Island Watercolor Society
Slater Memorial Park, 825 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket, RI 02861

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Thank you to all our members who sent in entries to the Members’ Juried Exhibition at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society Gallery. We are happy to announce the selections of our juror, Megan Foster from the 283 entries from 100 members.

The gallery sits inside Slater Park in Pawtucket and all the spring flowering plants should be on display for the opening on May 11. The opening reception and awarding of prizes will be from 2-4 pm, with the annual meeting from 1-2 pm. Another print swap is on the agenda of this short, one-hour business meeting. Please bring a small print wrapped in some way so it’s not visible. The print swap is a great way to meet other members and talk prints.

JUROR: MEGAN FOSTER, Associate Professor of Printmaking and Director of Graduate Printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design. She earned her BFA from RISD and her MFA from Columbia University. Before joining the faculty at RISD, Foster taught at The City College of New York where she was the head of Printmaking and director of the MFA program. She was also master printer at the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies and is co-founder of Moonlight Editions. Foster’s work suggests a narrative by presenting a frozen moment in time. She aims to preserve and give authority to the everyday experience through a mix of art, architecture, design and science.


First Place: Lynne Johnson, “Bark Trio”
Second Place: Marilyn Avery Turner, “Word Wave”
Third Place: Jen Greely, “Loose Threads III”
Honorable Mentions:
Cathie Crawford, “Inception II”
Andrea Epstein, “Excavation”
Gabriel Feld, “Little Babel 15”
Siriapi Heghinian-Walzer, “Reflections II”
Roxanne Hynek, “Good Years 2”
Carol MacDonald, “Clarify I”
Robert Maloney, “Monstrosity (Test Print)”
Sarah Riley, “Close Enough to Scare the Shorebirds”
Phil Stevens, “Skolfield Shores”
Andrea Warner, “Desert Sun”
Sharon Whitham, “Leaning Left”


Artist Name:                                     Title:

Debra Arter                                       Fading Midwestern Townscape

Linda Batchelor                               Quartet

Linda Batchelor                               Transparent

Helen Cantrell                                  Mysteries of Suburbia: Spring

Sandra Cardillo                                South End Buildings-2

Sandra Cardillo                                Spiral Escape-3

Elizabeth Carter                               Flying Over

Debra Claffey                                   Indigo Ice, with Pink

Susan Clarke                                     Three Things About My Mother

Barbara M. Corrigan                       ‘Nebraska Twister’

Cathie Crawford                              Inception II

Cathie Crawford                              Lisiere

Amelia   Currier                                 Primavera

Andrea  Epstein                                Excavation

Gabriel  Feld                                      Little Babel 15

Jen Greely                                         Loose Threads I

Jen Greely                                         Loose Threads III

Ann Guiliani                                      Waterworks 2

Gail Hansen                                      Cherry Orange

Gail Hansen                                      Red Slices

Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer               Nocturnal

Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer               Reflections II

Kate Higley                                       Swamp Series # 11

Loretta  CR Hubley                          Mt. Sinai Evening

Roxane Hynek                                  Good Years

Roxane Hynek                                  Good Years 2

Lynne Johnson                                 Bark Trio

Lynne Johnson                                 Ragged Surface

Annette Kearney                             Coral Reef

Patricia Keough                               Fireworks 1/1

Patricia Keough                               Vanilla Twist 1/1

Chelsea King                                     Ocean

Clive Knights                                     Falls at dawn

Pamela  Lawson                               Spring Call 1

Bonnie Lerner                                  Grandpa Harry

Carolyn Letvin                                  Single Sheep #27

Carol MacDonald                            Clarify I

Robert Maloney                              Monstocity (Test Print)

Lynn Manos                                      DIYC #21, Carpe Diem

Lynn Manos                                      DIYC #6, La Gaviata

Alice Merlone                                   Serenity Revisited I

Ellen Moskowitz                              Black and white birches

Ellen Moskowitz                              Pennsylvania trees

Barbara Nachmias-Kedesdy          Maine Coast

Connie  Pogue                                  Narwhals Dream

Connie  Pogue                                  Twisted

Mary Pollak                                      Reflection Diptych

Wendy  Prellwitz                              Luminous Morning

Deborah Pressman                         Lost Libraries 1

Deborah Pressman                         Lost Libraries 2

Sarah Riley                                        Close Enough to Scare the Shorebirds

Sarah Riley                                        Sailing with Baggage

Lisa Russell                                        Reciprocity #32

Martin   Schumacher                       Below the Tacoma Narrows

Martin   Schumacher                       Moonrise Over Dunnottar

Marilyn Sherman                             Dear Parents Redacted #9

Marilyn Sherman                             Sweet Memories #6

Edda Sigurdardottir                         Red line

Phil Stevens                                      Skolfield Shores

Marilyn Avery Turner                     Pointed Questions

Marilyn Avery Turner                     Word Wave

Amy Waltch                                      Back Heron on Green

Andrea  Warner                               Desert Sun

Sharon Whitham                             Leaning Left

Sharon Whitham                             Stone Beacon

Joan Wright                                      Lagoon

Joan Wright                                      Waterscape 7

Ahuva Zaslavsky                              The birth

Ahuva Zaslavsky                              The marriage


• Entry Process Opens: February 4, 2019
• Entry Deadline: March 15, 2019
• Accepted Artist Notification: April 1, 2019
• Hand Delivery of Work: April 27-May 9, 2019 (Wednesday through Saturday, 10am–4pm)
• Shipped Work Delivery Deadline: May 4, 2019.
• Exhibition Opens: May 11, 2019
• Reception: May 11, 2019, 2-4pm
• Exhibition Closes: June 21, 2019
• Pick-Up Dates: June 22-29, 2019
• Shipped Work Returned: After June 22, 2019

Header Image: Mary Arthur Pollak, Reflection Diptych