Fifth National Monotype /Monoprint Juried Exhibition

at The Art Complex Museum: May 6 – September 2, 2018.

“The monotype expresses the emotion of the artist in a way that no other medium does. Through monotypes, we have insights into the artist’s soul. One has only to survey the monotypes I have selected for this exhibition to see how the feelings of artists infuse the works and give them their impact.” – Judith Brodsky, Juror Statement

In celebration of the expansive vision and myriad techniques employed by monotype and monoprint artists throughout the United States, the Monotype Guild of New England is pleased to present  100 works of art by 100 artists for it’s 2018 National Juried Exhibition.  These prints were selected from over 660 prints submitted by 248 American artists from across 33 states.

Workshops and Programming:

  • May 19: Introduction to Monoprint Workshop with Carol Macdonald
  • June 22–23: Pochoir Stencil Monoprints Workshop with Claudia Fieo
  • June 23: Gallery Talk – History of the Monotype with MGNE President, R. Leopoldina Torres
  • July 27–28: Collographs Workshop with Joan Hausrath
  • July 28: Artist Talk with Devon Mozdierz & Darryl Furtkamp
  • Aug 11: Plein Air Printmaking Workshop with Carolyn Letvin (rain date: Aug 17)
  • Aug 11: Artist Talk with Kelly Slater

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Fifth National Monotype/Monoprint Juried Exhibition at The Art Complex Museum: May 6 – September 2, 2018

Award Winners

After reviewing the selected work after it was installed at the Art Museum Complex, Juror Judith Brodsky selected the MGNE prize, and award winners–1st Prize: $1,000; 2nd Prize: $500; 3rd Prize: $300; plus Material and Honorable Mention awards. Click here for a full list of our Materials Awards sponsors.

First Place:
Sarah Crooks, Jacksonville, FL

My Great Great Great
Monoprint (24″x72″ )

Second Place:
Debra Claffey, New Boston, NH

Indigo Ice, # 6
Monotype (36″36″)

Third Place:
Lynda Goldberg, Newton, MA

Monotype (30.5″x37″)

Akua Inks Materials Award:
Sarah Smelser, Bloomington, IL

No Small Talk, No Big Talk
Monotype (10″x 16″)

Arnhem 1618 Paper Materials Award:
Judith Greenberg, Needham, MA

You Are Here
Monoprint (26in x 26.5in)

Speedball Arts Award:
Susan M. Heggestad, Vermillion, SD. 
Because women are told they arent reliable witnesses to their own lives.  
Monoprint (29″x19″)

Artists and Craftman Supply Materials Award: Margot Rocklen, Woodbridge, CT
Winter Reverie Reflected II
Monoprint (34.75″ x 22.5″)

Atlantic Papers Materials Award:
Tim Armstrong, San Francisco, CA

Monotype (39″x25″x1.5″)

Blick Art Materials Award:
Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro, Sunnyvale, CA. 
Monotype (19.5″x15.5″)

Jerry’s Artarama Materials Award:
Sarah Sipling, Maryville, MO

Deteriorate 3
Monoprint (22″x30″)

Renaissance Graphic Arts Materials Award: Rachael Griffin, Madison, WI
Monotype (26″x44″)

Honorable Mention:
John Avakian, Sharon, MA

Portrait of Innocence
Monoprint (43″x30″)

Honorable Mention:
Barbara Ryan Gartin, Flagstaff, AZ

The Keep House
Monotype (4.5″x 4.5″)

Honorable Mention:
Joyce Jewell, Takoma Park, MD. 

Jequie Park

Monotype (6″ x 16″)

Honorable Mention:
Maryellen Sakura, Thornton, NH

The Forest Through The Trees
Monoprint (24″x12″)

Honorable Mention:
Marilyn Sherman, Needham, MA. 

Dear Parents Redacted #6 (Pink & Blue)
Monoprint (22″x16″)

Honorable Mention:
Mary Wojciechowski, North Attleboro, MA. 

Nature’s Imprint

Monotype (6″ x 12″)

Gelli Arts also provided five gelli plates as door prizes, which were raffled to our members at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

“Reflecting on what the ‘art of unique printmaking’ means today is an integral part of our mission at the Monotype Guild of New England. Since the seventeenth century, artists and art scholars have periodically discovered for themselves the versatile techniques for monotypes and monoprints, embracing this experimental medium as a means of exploring their ideas in new and innovative ways. This exhibition showcases how contemporary artists continue to expand and transform the form and function of monotype printmaking. Whether it is an extension of the dialogue around recent socio-political events or an exploration of technique and color, these artists continue to explore what is possible.” – MGNE President, Rebecca Leopoldina Torres

Accepted Artists

Fifth National Monotype/Monoprint Juried Exhibition Selections:

First Name Last Name Artwork Title
Karen Adrienne Crossroads
Tim Armstrong Driftcarrot
Debra Arter Tender Time
John Avakian Portrait of Innocence
Beverly Barber Umbra
Lisa Barthelson Pod Trio, Family Debris
Summer Bhullar Peak of Vain Worldly Living
Megan Bongiovanni Sea and Sky (III)
Selma Bromberg Moonlight
Alice Carpenter February Snow Moon
Elizabeth Carter Strong Breeze
Alexandra F. Cherau Green Hare
Debra Claffey Indigo Ice, No 6
Pat Cresson Golden Asian Sphere
Sarah Crooks My Great Great Great
Tamara Culbert The Listener
Cindy Davis Formation of a Star
Clara Dennison Full Moon Ocean
Susan Denniston Tell Me More
Paula DeSimone Night Shade
Joanne Desmond Changes Trace Time
Nancy Doniger Blooms 2
Soosen Dunholter Messenger Effect
Lou Ellis Untitled #2
Darryl Furtkamp Navigation (Collaborative Print)
Alice Nicholson Galick Oceans#1
Lynda Goldberg Entangled
Jane Goldman Deep Time 1
Betsy Gould Reflection: E Pluribus Unum
Judith Greenberg You Are Here
Rachael Griffin Orange
Gail Hansen Bright Nest
Lonnie Harvey Bound
Joan Hausrath Sticks and Stones B9
Susan Heggestad Because women are told they aren’t reliable witnesses to their own lives
Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer Reflections
Adriane Herman Wreckage Salad (Big White Board)
Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro Saturation
Kate Higley Yellowstone Thermophiles
Joyce Jewell Jequie Park
Lynne Johnson Turtlebox 2 Plan
Karen Karlsson Lifeline: Suburbia
Annette Kearney Seeking Words of Wisdom
Patricia Keough Bridge with Writing
Clive Knights Corpus-animus
Stephanie Kossmann Structure
Rachel Leaney Cape Pogue, Evening
Bonnie Lerner Three Moons
Elizabeth Lilly Afloat V
Camila Linaweaver The Space That Lies Ahead
Mary Louise Long Ethereal Saturation
Sasja Lucas Day Into Night
Doris Madsen Hawley Pitcher Plant #4
Robert Maloney Freeway
Helene Manzo City Tangle with Yellow
Anna Mavromatis Stains That Don’t Wash Off
Devon Mozdierz Navigation (Collaborative Print)
Kelsey Miller In Assessing Damage, Plenty of Questions
Bonnie Mineo Winter with Ocean
Deborah Mitchell Body Count
Michelle Muhlbaum Bull
Jacob Muldowney Gomorrah
Leo J Murphy The Hatfields and McCoys
Rosetta Nesbitt Toxic Waters I
Carol Odell Triple Echo Spin
Kristin Onuf Blooddrop_2jpeg
Donna Pfeffer Night Creatures
Wendy Prellwitz Opening Diptych #2
Ron Prigat Still life with dried artechokes
Debra Radke All That Glitters…
Christine Reising Small Red Thing
Sara Ringler Fake Eye Chart 2
Margot Rocklen Winter Reverie Reflected II
Rebecca Rolke Old North Wind
Anne Russell Body in Motion 1
Lisa Russell #32 Reciprocity
Nicholas Ruth Everything Must Go
Barbara Ryan Gartin The Keep House
Maryellen Sakura The Forest Through The Trees
Kenneth Schnall Rosalia
Masha Schweitzer Steam and Smoke
Marilyn Sherman Dear Parents Redacted #6 (Pink & Blue)
Sarah Sipling Deteriorate 3
Kelly Slater September
Sarah Smelser No Small Talk, No Big Talk
Edward Sorensen Sweet Misery
Megan Stone Smoked Out
Laurie Szujewska All in
R. Leopoldina Torres Sublimation (Phase Transition in Yellow)
Marilyn Avery Turner The Beat Goes On
Janice Wall Industrial Triptych
Michael Walton Action2
Andrea Warner Aquatic Life #1
Lelia Weinstein Tension 1 & 2
Wendy Weldon Vertical Time
Patricia White Lalibela Hills #2
Esther White Clothes that are too small or no longer needed (lacey bra and socks)
Mary Wojciechowski Nature’s Palette
Karen Wynn Day Two
Lynn Yetra Summer In The City
Ahuva Zaslavsky In motion
Joyce Zavorskas Wind Symphony



JUDITH K. BRODSKY, Board Chair, New York Foundation for the Arts, is Distinguished Professor Emerita, Department of Visual Arts, Rutgers University; Founder, Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper, renamed the Brodsky Center in her honor; Founder, Rutgers Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities and The Feminist Art Project, a national program to promote recognition of women artists; Organizer and Curator of The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society (2012); Founder and Chair of the international city-wide print festival, Philagrafika (2010); Past National President of ArtTable, the College Art Association, and the Women’s Caucus for Art; Former Dean, Associate Provost, and Chair of the art department, Rutgers campus at Newark; Contributor to the first comprehensive history of the American women’s movement in art,The Power of Feminist Art; An organizer of Momentum, a project focusing on women and transgender artists who use technology.

A printmaker and artist, Brodsky’s work is in many permanent collections including the Harvard University Museums, Library of Congress,Victoria & Albert, London, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, and Stadtsmuseum, Berlin. Brodsky works in series. Her last series was titled “Memoir of an Assimilated Family,” over 100 etchings based on old family photographs. Her current series is “The 20 Most Important Scientific Questions of the 21st Century.” Learn more about Judith Brodsky here.


189 Alden Street, Duxbury, MA

The Art Complex Museum, located in the historic town of Duxbury, Massachusetts 33 miles south of Boston, serves as a regional art center and houses the impressive collection of the Carl A. Weyerhaeuser family. Weyerhaeuser was drawn to works of art on paper, particularly American and European prints. More at