Amanda Atrostic

Year of the Ox- Covid
8 x 11 Oil on Paper Monotype, 2021


As an artist and in my daily life I am a bit of a control freak. Monotype printing came as a shock to me. I can not quite wrap my head around the final image being the mirror of what I just spent so much care creating. The anxiety felt when pushing my print through the press is a rush. The hope and fears of what the final product will be is exhilarating. It is so freeing and frustrating to have to let go of complete control of the image. I enjoy upping the image challenge each time I get a print to work as expected. I often incorporate multiple plates and found objects in my prints. I have always enjoyed the process of art and of crafting an image, but monotype printing has allowed me to enjoy an element of the unknown when I am painting and I love it!


Amanda Atrostic is a two-dimensional artist that was born and raised in rural Ohio. Amanda received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University and graduate Summa Cum Laude. She is a 15-year resident of Gilbert, Arizona and works in a variety of mediums such as, oil paint, monotype print, ink, watercolor, charcoal, and chalk pastels. Amanda’s most recent works were exhibited this year in All Art Arizona Exhibition, Art Intersection, Gilbert, Arizona; The Human Spirit Exhibit, Bob’s Spot Gallery, Herberger Theater, Tempe, Arizona; Little By Little Exhibition, Art Intersection, Gilbert, Arizona; Best Laid Plans Exhibition, Gallery 100, Tempe, Arizona; and Mono, a Mono Exhibition, Gallery 100, Tempe, Arizona.