Amelia Currier

Deliver Me
22 x 28 Encaustic Monotype, 2017


When I look around me I see constant evidence of our attempts to pull our imagined primordial experience into our present day existence. It may be expressed through an intimate relationship with nature, or a calming of the mind. The imagery I create is a visual bridge to this desire for connection.

My work contains several elements: ancient symbols, apparent randomness, a primordial atmosphere and the quality of chiaroscuro. While working I am within the intimate, immediate and alive nature of drawing. A series of dots as my ‘mark’, is an ancient symbol that was possibly used to depict a journey or as a form of measurement. If I existed in 15,000 BCE, perhaps I would have scraped or etched these dots and lines onto the walls of my abode.

My mythical ancestors are the artists of the Lascaux caves and the Aborigines with whom I can live in a silent, endless realm, making images that will tell the story of our experience in the most articulate way we can.


Amelia Currier has been a painter and printmaker for thirty years. She received her BFA in Intaglio Printmaking at Wayne State University, attended the Instituto Allende, Mexico and The Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.

Ms. Currier works almost exclusively using the encaustic monotype technique. Her thoughts about its unique qualities;
‘The encaustic monotype is particularly suited for expressions of a humanistic and poetic nature. Because it is possible to create multiple layers of nuanced color and form, I believe it can articulate the human voice.’

Her work has been in numerous national and international juried shows and is in private and corporate collections.