Ann Constance Guiliani

18″ x 24″ monotype, 2013.


Whether I am drawing, painting, or printing, I have found that the completed image has its own truth… if you listen to it. Every image has within it, its own special force. In the expression of Nature, I like to think that I am sharing an experience on a more personal or poetic level. I believe that there are spiritual and emotional undertones that are Universal. All of this connects to our own life experiences. This connection can be triggered by just the intricate overlaying of trees and branches that move in the wind or at other times it is just the sky providing space between branches….the “Nothingness” that seems luminous, vibrant and significant. With any medium, I obsessively try to find the “right and true”expression in the marks I make. Art for me is a symbiosis of everything so that the distinctions between media are often blurred.


I grew up in West New York, New Jersey across the river from Manhattan. Proximity to New York City, meant an infusion of ballet classes, theater, and art museums: A creative continuum and flow between life and Art. My art was abstract, (evoking tall buildings and reflections of light and glass). I moved from New Jersey to the Cape in 1984 and taught at Cape Cod Community College until 2000. In 2000, I was moving between Florida and the Cape to care for ailing parents. But with every change in my Life and at the lowest as well as the highest peaks, ART CONTINUES TO MIRROR MY LIFE. From “Drawings from a Moving Car” to “Palms in the Wind”, there is always something to express. A recent solo exhibition at Cape Museum of Art was entitled, “Nature…The Obsessive Quest.” The show of drawings and paintings examines the mysterious and poetical as well as the chance forms that unfold from the process itself…which is where I am right now.