Bonnie Lee MacDonald

Motherless Child
11 x 14 Monotype, 2005


I am drawn to old black and white photos and the life stories they suggest. I find these discarded photos in junk shops and have an impulse to “save” them. Frequently, boxes of photos are of the same people in different places, doing different things. I assume they are families. Some are mysterious and strange. Those are my favorites. Most of my monotypes are trace and subtractive (or dark-field). Thus, I get two monotypes for each old photo image. As I work on a monotype, I find the life story told by the characters in their setting.


Bonnie Lee MacDonald has worked in many mediums and formats, ranging from the early days of Computer Art to Performance Art and most recently monotypes. After nearly a twenty-year hiatus from the art world, she decided to begin showing her work again. Bonnie studied studio art and art education at Framingham State College, Rhode Island School of Design, and The Pennsylvania State University. She recently retired from teaching Communication and Film Studies at Rhode Island College in Providence, RI.