Cathie Crawford

36 x 24 Monoprint with Woodcut , 2013


Taking a break from my figurative color reduction woodcut editions, I started making non-objective monoprints in 2012. This new direction is the converging of line, shape, color and texture in an ambiguous space with whispers of landscape.

The Pluvious series of six, Inception and Inception II were printed from a single piece of plywood working reductively. Dayenu, Lisière and the Dianoia series of three were also printed reductively but from multiple blocks. I use oil based relief ink and blended (split-font) rolls of many colors on my brayer or litho roller. I print on handmade Japanese kozo paper. My most recent monoprints Manzoku II & III and Nascent II & III involve my first two attempts at the Mokulito process (lithography on wood).


Originally from New York City, Cathie lived overseas six years in Saudi Arabia and France. She returned to Peoria in 2004 from Grenoble, France. She has concentrated on the color reduction woodcut since earning an MFA degree in 1987 from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois where she had a one-person retrospective in December of 2016.

Her work has been included in more than three hundred exhibitions, thirty solo exhibitions, over eighty juried national shows and sixteen international juried exhibitions since completing a BFA from The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. Crawford has received forty awards at both the national and regional level including three this past year. Her woodcuts have been exhibited in twenty-eight states as well as France, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

Her monoprints were selected for fourteen national juried exhibitions in nine states. Dayenu was selected for New Prints 2014/Autumn at the International Print Center New York and the 36th Bradley International. Pluvious VI received the Fine Art Print Award in GALEX 52. Inception II received an Honorable Mention last year in the MGNE’s Juried Exhibition in Pawtucket, RI. Manzoku II received the Second Place Award in a Peoria exhibition in 2019.

Crawford’s prints are included in private and corporate collections in eight countries including the International Print Center New York in New York City; The American University Museum in Washington DC; The Safeya Binzagr Darat in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Newark Public Library, Newark, New Jersey and the Peoria Riverfront Museum in Peoria, Illinois. See more of her work on her website: