Chelsea Fredrikson

Our Moon In Focus
18″ x 24″ monotype, 2015.


Often, I draw inspiration from the sciences and the natural world; interpreting microscopic creatures, great landscapes, or what lies at the depth of the ocean. Most of my work is born from spontaneity and often the meaning is drawn from little personal antidotes. Whether it is a memory, a favorite piece of literature, or the way the light shines through my bedroom window, each work captures a moment that I felt I didn’t want to lose. Some are simply born from the therapy I gain from taking the time to make. Sometimes I will find satisfaction in the result of one run of a plate, but most often I will work back into the same plate many times over until I am pleased with the resulting ghost image.


Chelsea graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in the year 2012. It was there she learned the art of monotype printing. She currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island and creates most of her current work out of the AS220 Printshop, of which she is a key-member. Chelsea draws much of her inspiration from the natural world and literature. Her most recent exhibition, Little Planets, was held at the AS220 Main Gallery in May 2015 and was comprised of 12 prints and one hanging installation.