Christopher H. Latil

First Light: Ashes to Ashes
22 x 30 Burned Monotype & Ash, 2022


In this series of monotypes, I create images of dynamic landscapes using burned paper as a surface to show how hope can be found within hardship. I chose to work on these scorched surfaces because I value and understand the stress they have gone through. They are relatable in that sense because it is through hardship that I have become stronger as an individual. I use the landscape to reflect this, because the land itself is forged through brutality. No matter how brutal it is, there is always hope on the horizon that a new day will come. I try to convey a sense of hope to the viewer through the use of light within the compositions and despite the ruin there is an inner strength within them because they are still held together as one.


Christopher Latil is an artist from Southwest Louisiana who primarily works with print media. By creating dynamic landscapes on ruined surfaces, he tries to convey a sense of hope through the use of light despite the harsh nature of the material. He is also interested in how like the landscape, we as people are forged through brutality, and that through the difficulties of life we become stronger individuals. Latil is a graduate of McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA, and a third year MFA candidate at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. He has shown work in over a dozen juried exhibitions at private and public institutions across the country. These exhibitions include, but are not limited to, Baker University (Baldwin City, KS), Valdosta State University (Valdosta, GA), Northwestern State University (Natchitoches, LA), The Page-Walker Arts and History Center (Cary, NC), The Masur Museum of Art (Monroe, LA), The Historic Arcadia Theater (Tyler, TX), Emerge Gallery (Greenville, NC), and The St. Louis Artist’s Guild (St. Louis, MO). In 2022, he was included in the Los Angeles Printmaking Society 22nd National, a state-of-the-art survey of contemporary printmaking in North America.