Corinne Rhodes

Elegant Jellyfish
Century Plate Lithograph and Monoprint on Plike paper, 2017


I completed the Professional Printer Training Program at the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico to master this almost alchemic and dying art form, while learning new, safer and experimental techniques. I have spent the past two and a half years experimenting with new materials and developing new techniques to create lithographs on paper using non-toxic processes.

I have been haunted for years by reportage and images of migrants stranded at sea, people who risked everything to reach the Florida coast from Cuba and Haiti. The numbers continue to rise, as people fleeing Syria, Egypt, Somalia and other nations desperately try to reach European shores. More still are braving the journey from the west coast of Africa for economic reasons. Life jackets appear, floating in the water as eerie signs of those who’d drowned. Sadly, for hundreds of people nearly every week, their floating life jackets are all that is left of them.

From there, I turned to making prints of sea creatures, as a sort of light relief from the previous subject matter. I’ve been getting caught up in creating fine layers and aqueous details, to give an underwater feel to the prints. This has paired with my research and development of new, non-toxic etches for lithographic tusche washes painted on re-usable Century Plates. Elegant Jellyfish takes a fantastical look at the natural world that lies beneath the surface of the sea, based loosely on 16th century specimen collection and illustration. At the current rate of destruction, climate change, pollution and over-fishing – all caused by humans, imaginary sea creatures may be all we will have left.


Corinne Rhodes runs Cherry Press printmaking workshop in Rutland, MA. Corinne trained as a professional fine art printer at Tamarind Institute and specializes in teaching new, non-toxic Century Plate lithography and other printmaking techniques. Corinne studied at the Museum School and Tufts University in Boston and the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Prior to opening Cherry Press, Corinne worked in various capacities at several printmaking workshops including: Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop, the Lower Eastside Printshop, ABC NO RIO, West Yorkshire Print Workshop and at the School of Museum of Fine Arts. She has exhibited her artwork across the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico and the U.K. Corinne is a recipient of ArtsWorcester’s Material Needs grant program, the British Arts Council’s Professional Development Grant Scheme, Brigit Skiold Memorial Trust and the Lower East Side Printshop’s Key Holder Residency Program.