Daniel Johnson


Our imprints are everywhere; in our interactions with the landscapes, communities, and environments we inhabit. By imagining the future, we can begin to see how our actions leave a mark, a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to a choice, an observance, or neglect.

I create work about imprints: of histories, actions, events, lifestyles, and longings, recognizing that we want to have purpose and value in everything we do, that everything is interconnected, and what we do affects everything else. I achieve this by showing how the past influences the present, our interconnectedness, the ephemerality of life and relationships, and the need for connecting our imprints to positive outcomes.


Daniel Johnson is an artist currently based in Tucson, Arizona; where he is pursuing his Master of Fine Arts at Southwest University of Visual Arts. Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1987, he attended College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Art. His work has been included in exhibitions throughout the United States, most notably the 2015 Arizona Biennial, curated by Irene Hoffman, Phillips Director and Chief Curator of Site Santa Fe, as an Honorable Mention in the 11th Semiannual Competition of the David Bown Projects, juried by Curators Katherine Pill of the Museum of Fine Arts, Ron Platt of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and Kelly Shindler of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. Additionally, he was featured in Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 29, juried by Michael Lash, former Director of Public Arts for the City of Chicago. His expanded studio practice explores perceptions of consciousness, semiotics, interconnectivity, longing, mortality, and becoming. He is a free spirit and nomad, chasing the horizon.