Debbie Schmitt


My monoprints are from experiences and sensations in nature. These become a visual dialogue serving as a map and navigational tool in my creative process.


My relationship with art began during a Drawing I class at the University of New Hampshire with Arthur Balderacci. Balderacci taught me to observe. He showed his students that each of us has a unique way of seeing. Each individual has their own relationship with their subject, drawing and tools. We learned we were all artists with a personal style and way of recording our observations, even while looking at the same objects. Becoming aware of pressure and direction of hand, wrist and arm movements, composition opportunities and choosing what information to leave out was a brand new way of responding to the world and to materials.

Continued involvement with drawing, watercolors and monoprinting led to a BFA in printmaking at Maine College of Art. I am fortunate to be a member of Peregrine Press, a collaborative print studio in Portland, Maine. My art practice continues. It becomes more solidly rooted while reaching and growing in unexpected ways. Observing, experiencing and responding to nature by drawing is a vehicle of desire and a way of being.