White Flowers, Blue Petals
7″ x 9″ strappo, dry acrylic transfer, 2015.


There is an incredible amount of energy in nature. That goes without saying. But there is also an incredible amount of energy in our memory of nature, not just our imagination. So when we take the images we’ve seen in a landscape or still life and translate them in a studio, we enter another level of creativity.
The language of Strappo, a monotype, forces you to reverse the concepts of foreground and background so that you need to work out basic images ahead of time. You are painting in reverse on glass. In that way less energy is spent trying to solve problems and more time is spent exploring the excitement of the tension between color, shape, texture and surprises. With the technique of Strappo and its immediacy, I find I rely on instinct and an emotional context created by landscape and still life subjects. There is a seduction to the rhythm and texture of working with the paint on glass that lends itself to the creation of figurative and abstract subjects. A Strappo has a surface that is unique in its tactile and visual qualities; the image is smooth because it was developed on the smooth surface of the glass. Another great advantage is that it does not require the use of a press.


DSKolberg: Sculptor, painter, art marketer and writer. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the U.S. in museums and galleries with his current representation at the Parker Art Gallery in St. Simons, Ga. He has been featured in an NBC short documentary and numerous print and zine publications. He is founder of ArtCore an international newsletter, and continues to be active in art groups presenting classes on marketing and art techniques including workshops on creating Strappo’s, a dry transfer acrylic monotype recognized by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. A graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, he went onto master work at Otis Art Institute. His mentors have included Arnold Mesches and Harold Garde, both international artists. Additionally he produced Periscope Up an independent television production for a Pennsylvania PBS station. His artwork has been included in the publication ‘Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass’.
Donald has created the on-line magazine Monoprint-Monotype supported by the website Monoprint-Monotype.com which is dedicated to this unique art mark making. Currently Donald also holds a position as Art Editor for The Woven Tale Press and is a founding member of The Art Group in Central Fl. Additional information and artwork at DonaldKolberg.com