Donna Carmel

Tree Fog
10 x 8 Monotype with Mixed Media, 2022


Marks are created to communicate a visual response to nature.

The monotypes and monoprints I make are of landscapes created out of a dark or gray field with textures and marks that reveal light in areas of the scene. The marks are made with found objects, plants, and traditional artists tools. The use of texture, lines and marks are used in many ways to define light, shapes and distance.


Originally from Westfield, Ma with a farming background. I learned to observe nature which has become a main subject in my art.

I began painting in high school and received classical art and education training in college at University of Florida.Relocated to Boston, MA, became a member of Jamaica Plain Artists Cooperative. Group and solo shows of paintings that were mixed media pieces using texture and found objects.

Moved to Brooklyn NY where digital skills that were learned yielded some experimentation to texture and mark making. Drawing with a digital pen was not satisfying. I began drawing and mark making onto scratch boards which evolved into printmaking.

Currently living in Westfield, MA. Taught art in therapeutic settings, such as Adult Day center and assisted living for seniors with dementia and mental health facilities. The interest in art education and art therapy has yielded to a newly developed series of art workshops as part of an offering to local artists of the Westfield area.