Donna Carmel

7 x 5 Drypoint Monoprint, 2019


Currently working in dry point monoprints and monotypes.

The subjects for these works are from life drawings, photographs, memory and travels. The reflection of light in landscapes at night can have other worldly illusions.
The use of lines and marks are used in many ways to define light, shapes and distance

Marks are made in several different techniques, Surfaces, Tools and Materials
Humans have been making marks since the Paleolithic times. Think cave drawings
We make our own marks to Remember, Express, and Communicate.
Our marks leave evidence of our time here on earth.


Originally from Westfield, Ma where I grew up on a farm. Where I learned how to observe plant life. A resource of subject matter in my art.
Working as an engraver while at University of Florida added to the experience of engraving in metal, so began a lifelong interest in dry point.
Relocated to Boston, MA, was a member of Jamaica Plain Artists Cooperative. Group and solo shows of paintings and scratchboards at the Cornwall Gallery Jamaica Plain, MA. Working in scratchboards was an exploration of scratching details much like dry point on metal.
Now living in Westfield, MA, working in dry point monotypes and monoprints as well as scratchboards. Maintains a home studio. Taught watercolor to Seniors with dementia as a volunteer. The interest in art education and art therapy has yielded to a newly developed series of monotype/monoprint workshops as part of an offering to local artists of the Westfield area.