Doris Smith

Renovations, St, Paul, Minnesota
17 x 16 Reduction Print, 2016


Narrative is my muse and inspires many of my art pieces. Sometimes a poem will inform my art, or a family story will asked to be told. While I do enjoy telling stories, I have also chosen to tell mine mostly through collage or painting, but I have found printing the most engaging for me.

I make art because I am compelled to have an outlet for the ideas that present themselves to me. Making art is pleasurable, sometimes challenging, sometimes frustrating, but always necessary.

While I enjoy working with acrylics, making collages and drawing, it is printmaking that excites me the most. I like the tactile experience of creating the wood block plates finding it very satisfactory. Printmaking can be exciting as you use different processes, masking off portions, printing one plate over another, or using stencils. There seems to be no end to the ways one can create prints.

Many describe my work as architectural.


I have a been printmaker for over 18 years and before that I was a children’s librarian, taught storytelling and I have taught art as well as having been a storyteller. Art has always been a great interest of mine and I used it during my time as a librarian and as a storyteller. I grew up in the Mid-West, but have called New England my home for over 50 years.