Edda Valborg Sigurðardóttir

When Earth Meets Sky I
11 x 30 Monotype, 2021


Growing up in Iceland has had an immense effect on Edda’s sense of visual delight, color and form.
The landscape of mountains, waterfalls and rivers, lakes, flat lands, volcanoes, glaciers and black sand. Few trees allow unobstructed horizon views far and wide. Edda finds that she draws on these visual memories in her art.

The forms, the colors, the vastness of the horizon; the unobstructed view as far as the eye can see, gives me a sense of freedom and a deepening breath.

Color of the landscape is directly tied to the weather. An island in the north Atlantic Ocean is subject to multiple weather situations which closely affects the color of the landscape. The sky is big. The clouds are dramatic. The sky can be deeply gray or brightly blue. Ocean, mountains, lakes and grassy fields can be vibrant with a clear sky or dreamlike in darker, rainy weather. Ever changing light enhances or diminishes the colors and forms of the mountains, cliffs, fields and rocks.

My monotype works attempt to enhance the mood of the landscape and nature and to bring out the character of the horizon views, creating foreground and distance. It can be said that she is somewhat obsessed with the horizon!

The photopolymer intaglio prints focus on close-ups of rock formation in the nature of Iceland. Volcanic rock form with many spectacular geological features is mostly basalt, dark grey or black. In some areas a columnar structure of rocks can be seen, formed by solidification of magma. The outer surface of these rocks shows endless patterns and marks through millions of years of weathering.


Edda, a graduate of the Icelandic College of Arts in Reykjavík in her native Iceland, majored in Graphic Design and later received a Master’s Degree from Syracuse University. She worked in Iceland and the US as a book designer in her own studio and for publishing companies in the US. Since 2017 she devotes full time to fine art and printmaking.

Edda is a member of Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, Massachusetts. She also enjoys a membership in Boston Printmakers, the Monotype Guild of New England and the Oxbow Art Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts. She has enjoyed great opportunities working and exhibiting her work in museums and galleries through these affiliations.

Edda has works in several mediums within printmaking: monotype and monoprints, silkscreen, intaglio, photopolymer intaglio and photo etching.
In the fall of 2018 and 2019, Edda’s works were chosen to exhibit at the Artist and Editions Book fair (A/EB) in New York City. “Iceland Horizons” portfolio was acquired by the New York City Library’s Special Collections in October, 2018.

Edda was invited to residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, Ireland in September, 2019.
The California Printmaker Journal accepted and published Edda’s article on Printing in Color in 2021.