Edda Valborg Sigurðardóttir

Red line
10 x 9.5 monotype, 2017


Printmaking, the medium for my art, is exciting and suits my style of visually representing ideas and feelings. Part of my process is to discover the color palette I want to use, then create forms and composition that reflect the chosen color combination.

I aim to inspire the eye of the beholder, let them into my own world, without being too literal or realistic. Form and color, light and dark, hard and soft forms create, I hope, a sense of curiosity and contemplation.


Iceland, my home country, had an immense effect on my sense of visual delight, color, and form. Mountains, waterfalls and rivers, lakes, volcanoes, glaciers, and black sand. There are few trees allowing unobstructed views far and wide. These aspects of geology create a gripping reaction and I truly believe it is one that stays within me. I draw on these visual memories in my art.

Growing up in a home with original art on the walls, I was eager to look and see. My uncle, a painter, was my main influence. I loved to hang out in his studio, smell the oils, and watch him create.

Having worked as a graphic designer, I bring a strong sense of form and color to my printmaking work. Creating a balance of imagery is very satisfying. I am intrigued by the transparency of the inks. I love creating compelling blends of many different shades of color by overlaying them, one on top of the other.

My work is born of these aspects of my background – homage to my uncle, who inspired and influenced me, vibrant colors and forms, and the surprising marks that create textures surprising the eye and inspiring the soul.