Elizabeth Harty

18 x 18 collagraph print, 2014


I enjoy exploring the relationships of texture, color, shape and
line. Working in an abstract or impressionistic style allows me
the freedom to experiment with these relationships until I am
satisfied with my creation. As a painter, I work in acrylic and
mixed media incorporating the technique of collage. I also use
this technique as a printmaker with the collagraph and
monotype. The printmaking and painting influence each
other. You can find me on The 2017 Cape Ann Artisan Studio


Elizabeth A. Harty is a mixed media painter and printmaker in Rockport, Ma. Originally from Boston, she began her studies at the Museum of Fine Art. She received a BFA from the University of Maryland and studied at the Maryland Institute of Art, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Va. and with a variety of individual artists. She has received numerous awards including an award for editorial illustration for the Washington Post and awards for painting and printmaking from the NSAA and the RAA. Her work can be found in private and public collections nationally and internationally. She has received commissions and grants to create private and public art. Locally, in 2011, she was awarded a Partner with an Artist Grant from Searts for the Community House Triptych in Rockport. Elizabeth teaches art at NSAA and the Rockport Community House and you can view her work on the Cape Ann Artisan’s Tour and online at elizabethharty.com