French Fantasy




Originator: Ann Tracy

I started this out using a preprinted sheet of paper that had been preprinted and I was interested in seeing if some of the background image would still be visible.  I was unsuccessful in that, but did create an interesting image that needed more.

Phase 2: Chris Beneman

Chris Beneman collaged a monoprint of a lily bud onto the piece.

Phase 3:  Sharon Pattison

Sharon Pattison, applied ink to grasses which were laid on the print and run through the press adding fine lines to the piece.

Phase 4: Patricia White

Patricia White focused on connecting some of the details

Phase 5: Ann Tracy

It came back to me and I was inspired to add more to it.  I added more green on the sides and then had a scrap from another project that played into the nature them, so I sewed that scrap onto the bottom right of the piece, for this final look.