Joan Gitlow


I am captivated by the element of unpredictability inherent in the monotype process; the surprises and discoveries stimulate ideas and images. This keeps my work evolving and thus it stays alive for me, with unlimited possibilities to explore. My work includes straight monotypes, monotypes with collage additions and some made entirely of collaged monotype pieces.
Although my images sometimes derive from things I’ve seen, they are not directly representational, but are built from profound impressions of the look and feel of a place. Everything influences my work in some way, directly or indirectly. The results are a combination of intuition, memory, and visual/emotional/intellectual experience and insights.


From childhood I always knew I would be an artist. After three years as an art major in two colleges, I found what I needed at RISD. This brought everything into focus. Later I re-configured what I’d learned there to devise a curriculum for K-grad school. I taught many years in many places in Connecticut and Massachusetts, including the Hartford Art school and the Wadsworth Atheneum. I’ve also been a Visiting Artist, Artist-in-Residence and Arts-in-Education Program Director for the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. I think all this started in childhood at the Brooklyn Museum: over and over again, I was stunned by the Egyptian wall paintings, mesmerized by their power, elegant design and serenity.