Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer

Weiblich I
22″ x 26″ monotype, oil, ink, paper, 2014.


My mixed media monotypes echo the ideas and values that take center stage in my thoughts — an ongoing tension between freedom and containment, edging both the artist and the viewer closer to that place where chaos can erupt into clarity, and memories are distilled into single dramatic moments. I use the color white to suggest purity and simplicity, and to act as a unifying field for deliberately juxtaposed disparate images. The forms and exaggerations of color choices in Passages are metaphors for a search, with clues to content and interpretation, representing different layers of life, alluding both to what is present and what is missing.


Sirarpi’s artwork is in many collections nationally and internationally. She has received awards and exhibited her work, including installations, in galleries throughout Europe and the United States. She lives and works in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Sirarpi is an artist member of Gallery263 in Cambridge, MA and Gallery Z in Providence, she serves on the boards of Cambridge Art Association and Non-Profit Net in Massachusetts. She is the principal of Consult and Design, a small-business IT consulting firm. She is the co-founder and director of Art Without Borders, an online community that champions the rights of artists.

In Europe, Sirarpi worked with artists Andrej Woron, Milan Knížák, and Peter Erskine, and in the USA, with Timothy Harney and Ati Gropius, among others. As a biomedical engineer at Biotroniks in Berlin, Germany, her team designed pacemakers and at Honeywell in Lexington, MA, she worked on mammogram and infrared imaging systems. Sirarpi studied biomedical systems engineering at Boston University, painting and stage design at the Academy for Fine Arts “Die Etage” in Berlin, Germany.