Horsing Around


Originator: Chris Beneman

This is a print of some yarn on kitikata paper, cut out and glued onto white BFK paper.

Phase 2: Sharon Pattison

I collaged on pieces from two different seahorse prints. The piece you printed had so much movement it reminded me of how things float and move on the water, which is what made me think of the seahorses.

Phase 3: Pat White

I really liked the very strong-but-playful seahorse images and decided some sense of water and surroundings would enhance those seahorse images even more. So I added a some bubbles and a strong wave of water across the top.

Phase 4: Ann Tracy

Since I work on a mostly intuitive level, my process comes from a meditative base that involves asking the art what it needs.  In looking back on this, perhaps the thought of the “gold” the ocean provides guided my hand.

Phase 5: Chris Beneman

I decided to cut all the elements out and change the orientation of the piece. I added additional elements from other raffia/yarn prints that I had on hand and collaged everything onto a piece of gelatin plate printed Yupo.

When I sent the original print off I didn’t anticipate it would end up with an “under the sea” theme…but it was very fun to respond to where other the other artists had taken it!