Janet Yagoda Shagam

Just a Little Catawampus
10 x 10 Monotype, 2018


The invisible graffitist – people, weather, and other natural phenomena has been an ongoing influence in my work. Recently, and for reasons I do not fully understand, something changed. I am the graffitist. My gestural marks reflect all what printmaking offers – physical labor, contemplation, mindfulness, as well as a tactile dialogue with the media.

While I often do approach my work with an idea in mind, I welcome the fluidity that comes with wandering thoughts and serendipitous happenings. Yes, craftsmanship is important. However, I do not consider it a mistake to have etched my fingerprint into the metal.


My art education includes participation in assorted workshops, art residencies as well as several UNM classes. However, for the most part, my education is one of learning from mistakes.

My work has been exhibited in private collections, galleries and museums throughout the United State and three continents. In 2010, I was juried into a group show at the Smithsonian Institute Ripley Gallery. In 2011, I received an Albuquerque 1% for the Arts grant to create an edition at the Tamarind Institute. I have enjoyed a 2-month residency in Venice, Italy, two short-term residencies at Keystone Press (Berlin, Germany), and a week-long residency at Crown Point Press located in San Francisco, California. In 2014, I received a 1% for the Arts Grant to fund a temporary pop-up event. In 2015, I received an Albert Pierce Foundation grant to fund Three Wishes – an installation addressing the quiet wishes women put aside to attend to the responsibilities of family, work, or to overcome hardship. I was invited to participate in the 2016 celebration of the Harwood Art Center’s 25th anniversary. In 2019, a monotype was selected for exhibition in the Winter 2019 IPCNY exhibit: “Forms of Enclosure.”