Jean-Pierre Dubreuil

Paolo #1
24 x 18 monotype, 2014


Jean-Pierre Dubreuil was born in France in 1952. His artistic talents developed as early as lower school where his caricatures earned him many detentions. After perfectly boring business and law studies he worked in the corporate world in many countries in Europe, the Middle and Far-East. In the mid 80’s he settled in Boston where he manages an information technology consulting practice. For the last 15 years he has been discovering the joys of monotyping but also works actively in oils, aquarelle and acrylics. Recently he developed a keen interest for painting murals. He paints because he enjoys it and does not have any intellectual “mission statements” except trying to create paintings he is satisfied with (still trying) and that hopefully other people might enjoy. He and his wife Dana are the parents of two adult children and a small, highly indulged cat. They live in Boston’ South End.