Kelly Slater

Nocturne in Red
8 x 10 monotype, 2014


Joseph Campbell once remarked that people don’t want to know the meaning of life; what they really want is the experience of feeling fully alive. To me that experience lies in dreams, intuition, fields of color, vibrant lines, the natural landscape, and a deeply felt connection with a vital energy that all beings share. My paintings, prints, drawings and assemblages are outgrowths of that desire to feel alive and consequently are both purely intuitive and intentionally devoid of ideas and concepts. The small size of the pieces—generally no larger than 8 by 10 inches—makes them conducive to intimate interaction on a human scale.


Kelly Slater is a self-taught artist, most strongly influenced by the color field school of abstract expressionism. She resumed painting after a gap of over twenty years after visiting a major Rothko retrospective at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. For the past six years she has worked towards the goal of achieving her own distinctly feminine artistic voice through the exploration of saturated color in a variety of media—from monotypes and minimalist works on paper to oils and acrylics on paper, board and canvas. She is a founding member of the Cambridge-based artists collaborative “Banter.”