Kelly Slater

Crow: Stop and Think
13.5 x 16.5 Reduction Monotype, 2020


I have spent the last several years becoming intimately acquainted with a few locales in the northeastern United States—and especially with certain trees at these special places. Seeking to reconnect with both the rhythm and the spiritual sustenance of nature, I observe my subjects closely and at length—focusing on the quality of light at a particular time of day or at a particular season and on the energetic lines created by land forms and by the branching of trees.

While “long-looking” is integral to my practice, the execution of each piece is usually quick and spontaneous. Working predominantly with watercolors and water-soluble inks, I combine my interests in color and drawing into a powerful visual shorthand that captures the essence of favorite trees and places.
Most recently, my work has moved toward greater abstraction, with the aim of capturing the space, color and light of the landscape with a minimum of colors and shapes. My goal remains to produce artwork with a strong, dreamlike intensity that hints at a powerful world within and behind the visible world.


After an early focus on painterly color field monotypes, my journey as an artist has steadily turned toward figurative abstraction of the regional landscape—including its wildflowers and trees. I am currently exploring depiction of the natural world through painterly monotypes, ink and charcoal drawing, and watercolor and acrylic painting. As a self-taught artist, painterly printmaking has provided a powerfully instructive and extremely playful path toward building all my artistic skills and continues to inform my art practice today.

Having become well-versed in Zoom world over the course of the pandemic, I continue to offer printmaking and drawing workshops online with an emphasis on improvisation and play.

In addition to being a member of MGNE, I am an artist member of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum; a vendor at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, NH; and a founding member of the Cambridge-based artist collaborative Banter.