Kimberly Anderson Ritchie

Average Path Length
5″ x 5″ Etching, Silkscreen, Lithograph, 2013


Kimberly Anderson Ritchie is the Coordinator of Printmaking and Assistant Professor at Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH. She received her Masters of Fine Art in Printmaking from Colorado State University and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Appalachian State University. Recently Ritchie created a collaborative children’s book at the North Carolina Museum of Art, taught at the Glass Factory Museum in Sweden, completed several Artist Residencies, and is exhibiting her work nationally and internationally.


Ritchie is constantly researching, collecting, and exploring the natural world. Her love and respect for the natural environment has directed her artwork. Her current work evolves around an in-depth study of environmental issues, from air pollution affecting lichen to global climate change affecting sea level rise. The artwork is a response to the research; some works simply use the issue as a starting point while other work clearly displays the concern. Ritchie is trying to bring the beauty, mystery, and conservation of the land back into our daily focus through the image-making process. The artwork is her way of internalizing the natural world and expressing her concern.