Lelia Stokes Weinstein


My process is a combination of working on an idea that I want to express or just playing with materials, allowing my subconscious to make the decisions. The later is fun because suddenly I ‘awaken’ from a
sort of trance or meditation, a place of no thought, to find something pleasing has been created.

My work often incorporates visual movement. The flow of pigment, the rustle of leaves and the blur between land, water and air call to me. Keeping still is not something I do well so I enjoy creating art that suggests motion, from repurposed shoes to a sinuous line.


Lelia is a mixed media artist who has been creating art from a very young age. Between 9-11 she commuted to The Project Place in Cambridge by herself on public transportation for 2 hours to take art classes. The focus of the instruction was to have an experience and then create work that expressed the feelings generated. This early introduction to the experience of creating shaped the style of her work. She also took more traditional art classes, studying monotype, drawing, silversmithing as well as many methods of using encaustic.
The themes of movement, paying attention and opening a world of wonder and hope underlies all her work.
Lelia has had work shown in galleries and museums and sold to private collectors.