Linda Behar

20×20 woodblock and drypoint print, 2016


I’m an artist whose interest in shapes manifests itself through a variety of media. I seek to bring forward the contradictions between the expectations of society and an individual’s sense of self. My focus is on women and the stark standards that have been established for a woman’s appearance. After finding a study made by the U.S. government in 1940 to standardize the women body, I created a geometrical shape using the measurements generated by the study and presented in drawings and in three-dimensional figures. I carry this work forward in an exploration of figural gesture through miniature figures in the round and subtly three-dimensional 3D-printing images.

My exploration of shape goes deeper through my work with the study of the body language. The pose is shapes, and shape is both a noun and a verb, to understand the human behavior is imperative to see it at a whole. The body language gave a visual form to identity and enhanced the visual aesthetics of communication. Through the pose, the body and the strictures of tradition, visual images itself shapes what one says and the way one thinks and preserves them as art. You are what you create, as much as you are what you perform. My goal is to create images that echo the past, confront the present, and embrace the future.


Born in Venezuela and established in the United States since 2000, Linda Behar is an artist originally trained as a Civil Engineer. Always interested in the arts, she attended the “Academia Taller Arte y Fuego” in Caracas between 1994 and 1998. She became a specialist in Glass Casting and Pate de Verre through studies and workshops in Italy and USA.
Interested in learning new materials and methods for her work, Behar decided to study a Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in printmaking at the Florida Atlantic University, from which she graduated in 2014.
Behar has actively participated in biennales in Venezuela and United States with numerous awards and honorable mentions. Her work has been exhibited nationally and Internationally in galleries and art centers. In 2008 Linda had her first solo exhibition at Broward College. A dedicated teacher, Behar taught in Venezuela as well as at the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University.