Linda Nichols

Paw Paw
11×14 Monotype, 2020


The contrast in which nature presents herself is the subject that informs my work.  A barren unforgiving mountain scape can produce some of the most delicate foliage when viewed distinctly in its environment.

I create vignettes on paper, capturing the essence and cycles of the natural world.  Informing this essence is my background in writing and poetry, translating the written word into the visual art.

Infinite palettes, intricate lines, textures and forms of leaves, fern, trees and other fauna inspire me during my time observing mountain and coastal landscapes.

To create monotypes, acrylic ink and paint are applied on gelatin or acrylic plates, using natural and organic materials.  Printing directly with fauna and wood, I’m able to engage with an experimental and intuitive process applying multiple layers onto varieties of paper, including my own handmade papers.

Botanical printing, with its fluidity and visual movement, is a reminder of our connection and interdependence with the natural world.


Linda Nichols works full time in the public sector and spends as much of her free time as possible with her family observing nature in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina and translating her observations into prints and mixed-media. She is passionate about printmaking and looks forward to exploring eco-printing, linocut and reconnecting with fiber arts she learned from her grandmother.