Loretta CR Hubley


Printmaking has been, for me, a way to express my interpretations of significant nature imagery. I seek to evoke a visual memory, association, or vision for the viewer to contemplate.  I hope to touch the imagination of the viewer by using sensual shapes and colorful textures with varied harmonies and contrasts to stimulate their own intuitive perception. Inspired by Post-Impressionism, I seek a style that the viewer can appreciate on both the realistic and the abstract level. My art is always seeking the Spiritual in Nature.

Many of my images, especially in lithography and intaglio, come from my travels in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The art examples I have chosen for the MGNE website are from my Desert Suite, which was inspired by travels in Jordan.  They are the most abstract of my images because there is an emphasis on color atmosphere with less tangible subject.


My Art Education started with a hand-me-down leather box of broken crayons from three previous siblings and a cartload of blank-on-one-side paper my Father would bring home from work. (He was ahead of his time in recycling.) It was much improved by many visits to the Cleveland Museum of Art, where I particularly studied Asian Screen Painting, French Impressionism and German Expressionism.

In college, it took courage to leave the comparative safety of Honors Literature to major in Fine Art. In that program, the teaching of Brother Joseph Barrish helped me understand that being an artist with integrity and creativity is a noble path. In graduate school, I fell in love with the peacefulness of lithographic stones wrapped in white paper and glowing with the light from large studio windows. In Ann Arbor, MI I founded a studio where graduate artists could continue to print using lithography and intaglio and individuals could learn printmaking. Since then, I have furthered my education in non-toxic printmaking, photography and digital painting while working as an art professor. My studio in Nashua, NH continues to serve my printmaking needs and to offer instruction to individuals.