Maggie Carberry Pasquan

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48×24 mixed media on wood, 2014


In 2010, I began focusing on my Daydream Dwellings series where I am working to “re-build” urban landscapes one architectural detail at a time. I believe that repetition in architecture can be used to facilitate daydreaming much like a mandala is used to facilitate meditation. Although meditation is a deliberate act, while daydreaming tends to be accidental, both allow you to take a break from the noise of the world in order to clear your mind and ultimately refocus. Since moving away from the city in 2014, I have begun to include more themes of nature in my work. Whether it is a view of a city, foreign land, or the pond behind my home, I hope that my re-imagined landscapes give the viewer a personal portal to their most peaceful daydreams.


Whether it involves a visit to another country or her own back yard, Maggie Carberry’s work begins with a camera and a journey. A native of Pelham, New York, Carberry moved to the Boston area by way of Washington DC, London, and Brasilia. Time spent abroad has influenced her work to include themes of travel, movement, and daydreaming. She is fascinated by the way printmaking processes can be used to transform a photograph. Additional layers of media help to turn her images into work that reflects a passing of time.