Marta Nowicka

Retro Joy Red
10 x 8 Monotype with Oil-based Inks on BFK Rives Paper, 2020


I am a visual artist – abstract painter, printmaker, and lately surface and jewelry designer. I create monotypes, monoprints, and sometimes intaglio and relief prints, however, I am most interested in the uniqueness of monoprints. When printmaking and painting very often I work intuitively, experimenting with different tools and materials. I paint mainly with acrylic and mixed media, sometimes with oils, watercolors, and gouaches. I create mainly non-representational abstract prints & paintings and semi-abstract landscape & figurative paintings. I love bold, bright vibrant colors and all shades of blue, however lately I am discovering and using more often also more muted subtle colors.

In my work am interested in the interaction of colors, shapes, and textures. I like creating artworks that give the viewer space for interpretation and are metaphorical. I am not really interested in representing our world realistically. Apart from pure abstract images, sometimes I create landscapes and fantasy worlds from my imagination. This might be the result of my interest in sci-fi movies and magic realism in art.

I discovered the passion for painting and art at the age of 43 (in 2016) and since then I paint & create. In 2020 I also started transferring my art and pattern designs on products such as clothes, scarfs, shoes, home goods, etc.
I want my art to have a positive impact on people – make them stop and appreciate the beauty around them, feel, think & reflect, but mostly I want to bring positive emotions to their life and interiors. I want people to feel happy, joyful, and grateful for surrounding beauty – when they look at my paintings. I want people to feel empowered to follow their dreams and goals.

I am Polish, but since 2019 I have been living in NJ, US. My art is inspired by nature, international travels, and meeting people from different cultures. For the last 12 years, I have been working as an intercultural trainer & coach and have been supporting people in relocation to new countries, smooth transition, and cultural adjustment. Recently I am working on projects that combine my coaching/training path with my artistic path and I also have started using my abstract art in my coaching practice.


Marta is a Polish visual artist living currently in the US.

She has discovered her passion for painting at the age of 43 (in 2016) and since then she has been painting & creating. She paints with acrylics, oils, watercolors, and mixed media creates monotypes, mono-prints, and collages. She has experimented with printmaking using Gelli plate for some time, but her first real contact with mono-printing started in autumn 2020 when she joined a mono-printing class. Marta is using her knowledge and experience from abstract painting to create her abstract, expressive prints.

She was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, but in 2019, she moved to Summit, NJ.

Marta wants her art to have a positive impact on people – she wants to comfort people when they feel sad, give them energy, and bring joy & happiness.

She has been continuously developing her skills by attending art classes in Poland (one-year art program at Warsaw Academia of Fine Arts), UK (summer art school), and now in the US at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey and The Art Students League of New York, and Creative Visionary Program.