Mary Arthur Pollak

First Light I
17.5 x 17 Carborundum Monoprint, 2022


Living near the river and ocean in New England, the colors of the marsh, waves and currents of water, patterns and reflections of light inspire my work as an artist.

I use a Takach Etching press and a variety of printmaking techniques including monotype, carborundum and collograph to create prints which often are altered by reassembling, collaging or drawing with mixed mediums and encaustic.


I grew up in the midwest surrounded by water and fields, absorbing an appreciation of pattern and texture.  My first major at Iowa State University was in Textiles and Interior Design which led me to 20 years of teaching Art in elementary schools.  Ceramics and then printmaking became my creative pursuit.  Pattern and texture have continued to be inherent in my work throughout.