Mary Collins-Lyman


Contrast in light, colour and texture-that is what draws my eye and feeds my creative energy.

I currently reside in Salem, New Hampshire and have lived all of my life in New England. I am intrigued by how the seasons impact the landscape and will frequently revisit a spot that I have painted or drawn before because I find new light, new colour and texture and a somewhat different sense of place.

I work mainly in pastel, a medium that I find both challenging and satisfying…..I enjoy its immediacy and vibrancy.  I majored in Printmaking in college and have just recently started exploring monotype/monoprint again. Much of my inspiration is drawn from my daily commutes to and from work…..from the unexpectedly spectacular to the seemingly mundane.

I am a member of Newburyport Art Association and the New Hampshire Art Association.

My goal is to share my artwork in a gallery setting while continuing to improve my vision and craft and explore other mediums.



Mary studied Printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art where she earned her BFA.  While “dormant” for a little bit, Mary once again found her creative voice during the height of the Covid pandemic.  Mary finds solace and inspiration in the New England landscape, her gardens and the views outside her window at her home in Salem, New Hampshire overlooking Arlington Pond.