Melissa Shaak

14 x 11.5 acrylic, 2015,


Melissa Shaak is a Somerville artist who has explored the creative process in various forms for many years, but only quite recently as a visual artist. She is a student of Adria Arch’s Infinite Well class and a member of the Creativity Lab conducted by Karen Lane Bray and Cathie Brenner. Melissa’s acrylic-based monotypes are made with a gel plate, and the layering evokes for her the generations of a family — discovering what is hidden, and what shows through, in each successive layer. In 2014 she had a solo show at 1188 Broadway, Somerville, and organized the group show Contiguous at North Hill Gallery. Her work appeared in 2015 in Bite at the NAVE Gallery. She is a member of the Monotype Guild of New England.