Mike Sweeney

Ink, Paper, Acrylic on Layered Paper


I value handmade objects and images, created with a sense of respect for the everyday world – a respect for all that is shared in common and all that is different or unique. I see importance in acknowledging that sameness and difference are inseparable parts of each person, thing, and relationship. Observing how sameness and difference are collaborating forces in the world influences how I select my subjects.

In my printings, I typically use multiple layers and applications of material to enrich the atmosphere and identity of the subject. At times I will print a block multiple times at different stages of individual works. This repetition of an image or subject changes in each manifestation as it interacts with different colors, atmospheres, patterns, and spaces. Like all people, objects, animals, and plants a change of context and climate reveals new things about its character.


Born in New York state near the Canadian border of French speaking Canada, I became interested in developing an Art practice during my college years as a person who thought equally with his mind hands. Since completing an M.F.A. at the University of Connecticut in Painting, Printmaking, and Installation, I have primarily continued my Arts practice in Connecticut, with brief sojourns in upstate New York and the Washington metro area.