M K Wynn


12 x 12 Akua inks and pigments, 2018


For all of us, each moment is an act of creation in which we construct and impose meaning upon the world. I am fascinated by this process of meaning-making. In my printmaking I explore the emotions and sense of place evoked by scenes and spaces, as we work to relate them to ourselves and to find our own place within them. We are also working continuously to find our own unique placement within the social world, and some of my works explore themes of identity, growth, and the nebulous spaces between individuality and belonging, isolation and connection.


For all of my adult life I have been a student, scientist, and professor of psychology, which at its root asks how we perceive and understand the world around us. I study babies, exploring how we humans (wee humans) make sense of the world at the most fundamental levels, absent the interpretive lenses of language and culture. These interests are evident in my art, as well as my science. I have studied with various artists in New England who have been influential in my artistic development; also helpful to my image-making has been knowledge accrued from my professional career investigating how the mind makes sense of the world — how we perceive incoming information and impose structure and meaning upon it, to create our understanding of the many worlds (physical, social, political, natural, and others) we inhabit.