Originator: Caroline Sheridan Loose

Mystery was taken from an unfinished print, cut down and turned into a four fold image

Phase 2: Kate Higley

Hesitant to work on the printed side, Kate printed a series of multi-colored, painterly marks.  Having done this, Kate added a tiny “piece of seaweed” that she had cut from one of her larger prints and applied it to the vast sea of darkness.

Phase 3: Debbie Schmitt

Original, dark side: In an effort to gently remove the piece of seaweed in order to remove the stark white edge, Debbie inadvertently damaged the surface of the print.  She built up layers of ghosted lines using long threads, a PET-G plate, and the collagraph plate made for her initial print.

Tackling the back side was a challenge. Debbie sought to give some formal organization to Kate’s playful marks.

Phase 4: Caroline Sheridan Loose

Deb had beautifully softened the overall look of the dark side of the print.  It became much more atmospheric and less startling.  I thought the addition of the pale paper at the bottom gave it greater depth, but I found the mass to be too centered, locking the viewer’s eye to that area.  I lacked the materials that could be added to expand the shapes without becoming too dominant.  So I took off the side panels and think that it looks much more complete.  On the flip side, Deb provided a great space for Kate’s shapes to zip through.