NC Whitcher


I have always enjoyed the variety offered by working in multiple media. It gives an artist the opportunity to see how ideas develop within different media. Once the ideas are there, then design and composition take over. Working with marks, textures, colors and shapes….I then create!
Nature and the landscapes of the textures of grasses, rocks, plants and flowers are of interest to me. The rolls of the hills or the grasses near the shore are often in my focus. I often spend time drawing and interpreting in quiet moments of observing and I use these textural drawings as preliminary plans and parts for monotypes and clay vessels.
The hand building of a clay vessel whether in stoneware or porcelain often show those landscape forms, or parts of plants and textures. Monotype and mono print making also provides an opportunity to combine composition, textural qualities, color and a spontaneous experimentation with the media.
A juxtaposition of clay vessels and monotypes as art works in a viewing situation can provide the viewer with a greater appreciation of the interconnection and relationships of form, textures and the planned spontaneity of each media. While these works are strong separately as two and three dimensional work their relationships are uniquely connected.


I am a Connecticut based classically trained artist working in multi-media.
Exhibiting schedule: juried national, regional and local exhibits, juried competitions and commercial galleries in both solo and group shows.
I am frequently invited to be a visiting artist and mentor, guest speaker, art juror and award consultant.
My work is represented by the Six Summit Gallery of Ivoryton, CT
Art residencies: Zea May Printmaking 2017, Vermont Studio Center 2014 and 2011.
Elected member and a Board Member of the New Haven Paint and Clay Club 2019 ongoing…
Elected member and President Emeritus Connecticut Women Artists 2006-2021, Elected member of Zea May Printmaking 2017 (ongoing), Elected CT+ 6 member of the West Hartford Art League (ongoing)
Resident Artist and Mentor: School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2011
Visiting artist: Studio of Printmaker and Inventor: Susan Rostow, 2017
, Center for Contemporary Printmaking 2010, 
Kansas City Art Institute College of Art and Design 2006, Santa Fe Clay with clay sculptor: Jenny Mendes 2006, Gaisteo Street Gallery of Printmaker: Ron Pokrasso 2006
, School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2002, 2004, Wesleyan Potters 2006-2020