Pamela C Lawson

Murmuration Over Bowers Brook
12×16 monotype, 2018


There are risks to take, opportunities to take chances in making a monotype. Working this way makes for a lively and dynamic image. Sometimes I push the image where I want it to go, sometimes the technique pushes back and takes me elsewhere. All my work represents a serious exploration of technique and subject. My choice of subject matter is related to what I like about this printmaking process. I want these images to be alive, a moment of changing light, color and shape.


I graduated with a BFA from MassArt. I use the printmaking technique of monotype, working in my studio and living on a farm in central Massachusetts. Over the years I’ve worked on many series focused mostly on nature. The work has been exhibited throughout New England and other parts of the country. I’m a member of MGNE and Boston Printmakers.