Pandemic Pandemonium


Originator: Debra Arter

Phase 2: Kris Onuf

The Purple organic shape was added by Kris Onuf in the center area of the print.

Phase 3: Carrie Scanga

Carrie Scanga has added darker orange translucent shade to left side of print. This causes the white uninked ovals of the paper to pop out.

Phase 4: Adriane Herman

Adriane Herman did her magic on the fourth go round.  She added obsessive tally marks over the whole print using the trace monotype process.  She also got out her knife and shaped the print into a series of stacked orbs by cutting away parts of the print.  A bold couple of moves but we expect nothing less from Adriane in her expression of pandemic fury. Print now measures less that 14 x 11.

Phase 5: Debra Arter

Debra Arter was excited to see all the changes in person to the print.  But as the pandemic had worn on Debra’s boredom level she simply could not leave it alone – even though Adriane once was her teacher (and well — you do not mess with their work!).  I took the print to the studio and made some oval stencils and continued the orb action. By now we had been seeing the models of the Corona virus quite often and somehow there were references to it in the circles.  There was chine colle added in the form of black polka dotted paper in two spots and thin green paper used in another section.

The final red marks were made using trace monotype blindly on some of the orb towers.  Adding red seemed to me to add the drama of having droplets of moisture now be lethal.