Originator: Caroline Sheridan Loose

Ragged was taken from an unfinished print, cut, folded as an accordion, and torn to suggest a receding landscape.

Phase 2: Kate Higley

Kate wanted to add a single red line near the bottom of the print using the trace monotype technique, but was vey unhappy with the smeared results.  (In the photo it actually looks very interesting.)  Kate then chose to cover this with a large piece of a collagraph print, carefully tearing the edge to match the torn edge of the original.

Phase 3: Deb Schmitt

Red side: Debbie loved Kate’s colorful print of the random seaweed, but did not like the hard-edged line it created.  By adding pieces from a stash of leftover prints and pieces of rice paper printed on a geli plate, Debbie disrupted the hard edge.

Blue side: As the strong horizontal was evident on the reverse side, Debbie again sought to weaken it, building fields of soft color.

Phase 4: Caroline Sheridan Loose

What struck me first was the imbalance between the richly layered and textured areas of the bottom, and the emptiness and flatness, of the “sky.”  Adding to it would confuse the sense of space, so I simply tore it off.  The side with red seemed quite complete, and while I liked the transparent layers of the blue side, I thought it needed a bit more substance.  Torn pieces from the larger piece that had been torn off were added.