Rani Sarin

The Village
18 x 18 Monotype with Mixed Media, 2022


I have had my hands in paint, pigment, ink and dye ever since I can remember.
I work with monotype, etching ,collagraphs and collage.I am intrigued by mark making and constantly see patterns in the world around me.
When I listen to music and watch a dance performance I hear and see patterns and spaces.
My work is the bridge between the felt world and the seen world, my inner life and the physical world around me.
The magic of lifting a monotype  from the press bed has me hooked.
The play between the carefully constructed and uncontrollable factors…such as the press, pressure, variety of inks, paper, humidity, etc. are all part of the magic of printmaking.
I have of late begun to work with mixed media and collage.
My monoprints are the starting point.
My images dance on paper- the dance can be quiet, tranquil, thoughtful, serene, cerebral, obvious,pulsating or subtle.
It is a play between movement and magic.


I was born and raised in New Delhi, India.
I got a degree in English  Literature before going to Art school to study textiles.
My introduction to printing came via textiles. India has an incredibly rich and varied tradition in textiles.
My work with the leading Indian handlooms and handicrafts organisation brought me to the Boston area.
I took printmaking courses and workshops at the Decordova, the museum school and mass art.
I taught textile workshops at Boston adult ed, and the museum of science.
I spent 4 years in Stockholm, Sweden studying design.
I have spent most of my adult life in the Boston area and have enjoyed working in my studio at the Boston center for the arts.
My work is in private collections in India, Sweden, France and the US.
I have been a board member of: City school, Asian task force against Domestic violence and SATH ( South asian theater ).