Rose Christian

Dancing Rumex

8 x 6 drypoint and carborundum collagraph monoprint, 2022


I am a visual artist who works in multiple media that include painting, drawing, and printmaking. As an undergraduate I studied ceramics and worked in galleries in SoHo and Boston before entering medical school.  As a physician – scientist, I was drawn to the collection and interpretation of visual data, both microscopic and macroscopic, and later pursued an MFA in studio art at Tufts’ School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I teach at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and work in a studio in Chelmsford, MA that is surrounded by the conserved woodlands, wetlands and meadows that provide the materials and inspiration for my practice.


As a child I was free to explore the neighboring thickets and fields until called home for dinner with my pockets full of wonders – a snakeskin, a toad, a jawbone. As a physician-scientist I explored human tissues with microscopes, x-rays, and sound waves to find those subtle shifts in shape, color, and spatiality that signify healing or disease. This practice of close observation has shaped my visual language as an artist.  I use drawings, prints, and paintings to map, explore, and connect with the more-than-human world around me.