Sandra Cardillo

Stories in Stone
21 x 11 Collagraph/Monoprint, 2022


My work is a response to my surroundings; colors, textures, and the play of light. Spending more time in nature has heightened my awareness of the connectedness of all things.

Combining various printmaking techniques, I’ve been trying to express those connections and relationships between disparate objects.

My plates are my vocabulary. The ability to use repeatable images, building and layering marks to create a feeling of history and time elapsed. I’m constantly exploring different techniques and finding ways to incorporate them into my work.

Studying the uniqueness of things often leads me to the awareness of the universality of different elements and my place amongst them. Sometimes the study of the mundane leads me to the magical.


Sandra Cardillo is a printmaker residing in Massachusetts. Her work frequently combines various printmaking techniques in her search to express her environment and her place within it.

Sandra is an executive board member of The Boston Printmakers and a member of the Monoprint Guild of New England and the Society of Graphic Artists.

She has participated in exhibits throughout the new England area. As a recipient of residencies in Vermont, Italy and Greece, she incorporates her love of travel and the experiencing of different cultures and environments into her art work.

In addition, she has contributed to a print portfolio for The Jan Mateiko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland and will become part of the collection of Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba, after an exhibit in 2022.