Soosen Dunholter

10×20 collograph, 2014


I like to bring order to my world by collecting, sorting, organizing and categorizing things into their proper place. I create calm in my universe by orchestrating the chaos around me until all the diverse elements find their perfect fit and coexist in harmony. I find comfort in bringing stability to an otherwise turbulent environment.

Working as a printmaker is a love of process, I focus my attention first on creating a surface texture. I then work back into the monoprint or collagraphic image with paper lithography collage and/or direct transfer techniques. Allowing imagery and ideas to flow freely as I create each unique piece of art.

My printmaking approach engages an active, fluid methodology in comparison to my collage work which is a calmer, more meditative process. Printmaking represents an inquiry into aspects of spontaneity, methodology and experimentation – all processes that are important to me – and characterized by the act of trusting an idea, caring for it and seeing it through to the final result. The finished work is then free to draw the viewer into a quiet space where the imagination can linger.