Stacy Friedman

Constructed History IV
11 x 15 monotype, 2016


My work has always focused on my personal and familial relationships. Hungry for more information about my family, I have been extensively researching our history: sifting through immigration and census records, searching archives, and studying hundreds old photographs. As my family history research has intensified, my work has expanded into a wider investigation of lineage, memory, and identity.

Printmaking’s inherent capability to preserve traces of previous images, and the ability to print ghosts of a matrix, make it an ideal medium to explore these ideas of history, memory, and both the parallel and interwoven realms of past and present. Recently my prints have become more layered and abstract, using monotype techniques and stencils, to transform the photographs and faces I have studied into anonymous silhouettes. Through the process of making a print I am pushed to further explore the narrative of memory, how it shifts and reconstitutes itself. These prints fill the gaps of my known and unknown family history, while also reaching beyond the specifics of my family to tell a universal story.


Stacy Friedman received her BFA in Printmaking and History from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2015. She is currently living and working in the Boston area.