Stephanie Gwen Kossmann

Scent of Reclamation
18 x 6 monotype – oil paint and etching ink on paper, 2017


Stephanie Gwen Kossmann combines monotype printmaking and oil painting techniques. She meditatively layers etching ink and oil paint to create subtle and complex atmospheric effects. Stephanie’s images are saturated with light, space, and presence; abstract landscapes and emotional portraits convey physical sensations, scents, and emotions.

Intuitive vignettes offer safe, non-judgmental spaces to recover and thrive after experiencing emotional, sexual and other physical trauma; they facilitate healing and empowerment. Her audience is invited to acknowledge their authentic emotions so they may offer compassion to themselves and others.


Stephanie is a visual artist and a geographer. She believes that Arts and Sciences are linked through analysis, creative problem solving, and enrichment of the human condition. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Geography; her formal studies included painting, drawing, and sculptural ceramics.